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Sticky Pixels
Mick & Cillian
Mick and Cillian met surfing one day. We thought it would be a great idea to build an app to track the swell on the local wave buoy. That's when we decided to combine our distilled techno-skills and form Sticky Pixels. We haven't released the wave buoy app though, it's still our secret toy.
Cillian has been in the design industry since last century and had been waiting patiently for smart phones, tablets and apps to be invented. Mick has been programming for even longer, I think he even dreams in code. Imagine that:
if (dream == nil) { wakeUp(); }
We love technology, but sometimes it can feel a little cold and flat, right? What if a pixel could be sticky, or warm, or soft, or furry. We're not going to ask you to pour glue on your iPhone, but we do hope you get that warm fuzzy feeling while using our apps.
Wild West
Sticky Pixels lives on the wild West coast of Ireland. We are thrilled to be near miles of beach, but in winter we have to be careful that the door doesn't blow off. We recently had our very first earthquake too. Exciting!

A huge thanks to Fiontar Comhraic.
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Sticky Pixels
Eachléim, Blacksod
Co. Mayo, Ireland

+353 86 3153855