Ladies, supercharge your man by gifting him The Man App. You won't wound his man pride, he'll be glad of it. You could even fill in the details (your birthday, dress size) for him, make it easy for the poor fella! Now sit back and enjoy your new man.

Guys, maybe you have a buddy that could also be saved. Why not gift him the same blissful stress-free life that you have just achieved.

Gift app from iPhone

Go to the App Store on your iPhone / iPod Touch and find The Man App. Click the icon in the top right and choose the "Gift" option. The next screen lets you write a message and even schedule a date to gift the app, very handy for Christmas, Valentines or somebody's Birthday! After that you can choose a groovy card to go with it. DO IT! It's cheaper and quicker than buying him a pint.

Gift app through iTunes

In iTunes find the app you'd like to gift ... ahem ... The Man App. Under the app icon there's a button to "Buy App". Click the little arrow on the right of this button and from the menu select "Gift This App".

To gift an app you will need to have an Apple ID associated with a credit card (If you've bought apps for yourself before, then you already do). At the moment the above 2 methods seem to be the only way to gift an app, no method to purchase via the web is available yet.

Note: Be aware that the app store only allows you to gift within your own country's app store. For example, if your apple ID is associated with the Irish app store, only someone with an Apple ID also associated with the Irish app store can redeem it. A little bit limiting but hopefully something Apple will change in the future.